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Introduction & Preface

​Have you ever wondered why some people age faster. while others appear to hardly age at all, or certainly more slowly? Consider the Bowhead whale & the green head shark can live up to 200 years while some Jellyfish are said to me immortal. Galapagos (Giant Tortoise) live up to 150 years. Consider the incredible longevity described in the Bible and the conflicting messages written about aging. For example, in Psalm 90:10: God said: "Man will live Threescore and ten years."  The traditional expected life span of 70 Years. And in another instant in Genesis 6:3. God said that: "Man’s life span shall be no longer than 120 years." While Genesis also describes the supernatural life spans of its’ early heroes: Methuselah Lived to be 969 years old. Adam and Noah lived over 900 years and Jacob died at the age of 2,255. How is all this possible? Has it got anything to do with food or environmental pollution? Today, billions are being spent across the world, on food technology and more healthy life styles, yet human beings are still getting older. But could all this have something to do with the descendents of our early prototypes ie., Adam and Eve, being genetically modified by our Creator or Creators, to age faster? 

The problem is, most people consider aging a natural process, but what is natural and what is in the mind. Part of aging is psychological conditioning. We are taught to believe we must always grow older and die! And so we do! Read my book we will discuss what aging really is and look at it on a cellular level. And also discuss some health products that seem to slow down the aging process and give people a more youthful appearance, but do not actually make them physically younger. You will learn how to rejuvenate from within, both mentally and physically! Buy it at any price...!

I will try to make this book affordable!!!

It is hoped that after reading this book, many Medical Doctors and Scientists will be inspired to investigate and research the many topics and new anti-aging concepts outlined in this book and will corroborate and give credence to my very important message.

​Sincerely, Mike Stockwell