Michael Douglas Stockwell

The founder of this website is a gifted songwriter who started writing music at the age of 11 in the UK. He entered a career in Broadcasting with BBC Television in sound recording at the age of 18. Michael has written plays performed by local Theater groups in London and more recently his music has been heard on American Radio.

He emigrated to the United States, where he went into totally different careers; Driver education and Real Estate sales. Michael performs all musical styles ranging from Classical piano, to modern Rock music. He is passionate about music, yet at one point he almost gave up writing music. But fortunately in January 2014 he came up with a brand new idea & concept in music marketing. 

He invented "BillionDollarSong.com"

And now his audience is growing daily!!!

He sees this project as a golden opportunity for not only for himself, but for other talented musicians to open new doors in the music industry. Now everyone can enjoy listening to Michael's NewSongsOnline.com  And the one and only BillionDollarSong.com Which will eventually include music from other songwriters when it  catches on!  

So  S p r e a d  The word!


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This Website is being constantly up-dated. Super New Songs and Hot New Music will be added Daily.

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BillionDollarSong.com  offers a unique opportunity to aspiring singers and musicians to have a new platform to show off their talents, as well as for new songwriters to get their songs performed on the web! Anyone who makes an internet Video, performing our songs, will get a FREE  link to: 


​And the best performances will be seen on  NewStarsOnline.com      

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