Just imagine you could read a book and see the the future, just like watching a Tv weather forecast, or last weeks news. But what if you could read about tomorrow's news TODAY? Imagine being able to see the the Lotto and powerball numbers that will come up next week! This book may reveal the hidden keys that could unlock secret doors to the supernatural and allow you to peep through the shrouded window of ​the spirit world, where unknown forces coexist. In this mysterious world, time as we know it does not exist. The past the present and the future are like one event. And from a certain viewpoint, the future has already happened, but most of us cannot see it. Read this book and you will begin to understand how famous prophets and even some ordinary people, like you and me, are able to catch a glimpse of the future and see tomorrow's world today.... For better or for worse! 

Find out How to get

Quantum Leaps!

Find explanations for the prophesies of Nostradamus, The 'Revelations' in the Bible, the huge gaps in human evolution. The quantum leaps in technology that took us from living in caves to skyscrapers, with computers and travelling in jet planes. Stonehenge and the Pyramids were built with strategic precision and Astronomical alignment not fully understood even today! Who or what built them? What made it possible for us to go from horse drawn buggies in 1885 to landing on the moon in 1969, in just 84 years? Just one human life span! Find answers to these questions and more.... What is cosmic intelligence and what are UFO's And who or what, might have actually created us?

Inside the BOX

Remember Always try to see the big picture! Education and to a certain extent the Media today emphasizes Detail and Specialization, which I think deliberately keeps us all inside the box and severely limits every one's true potential. Please don't say I said this!

The Frightening Reality Is:

Life is not what we are taught to believe it is!

Outside the BOX

There is an invisible life force that controls all of creation and we are all connected to it. Its' energy is infinite, we are all part of it and it's power is within us all!  

But unfortunately billions of people all around the world, are caught up in the daily routine of life and totally preoccupied with the physical world; dealing with survival, worrying about paying bills and putting food on the table. Most people are totally unaware that this awesome reality exists! And that's why I felt compelled to write and finish this book.

The main concept and idea for this book was outlined in just 6 days. It was started on April 10th 2009. Good Friday and finished on April 16, 2009. I did not write this book for money. I just felt a compulsion to pass on this incredible ( And meny will say) Dangerous knowledge to everyone.

Read my book. 

It's coming out soon and will be featured on this website! 

Discover the Secrets  THEY  Don't want you to know about.....

Why are some people enslaved to failure, while others always win and are successful at everything they do? 


Learn how it's possible to Lose Weight without diet or exercise!

The Ultimate Energy

The Link between Spiritual and Physical Realities

Life is NOT what we're told it is!



This book is truly Mind shattering and may change life held views

Buy it before it's banned. It will be out SOON! And it will be criticised and my be outlawed by those who seek to control us!

"I had a great vision. I saw it and I tell it the way I saw it!"

Our Dreams are what control us and without Our Dreams we would achieve nothing. Read my book and see how it's possible to dream the future!​

'How to Dream the Future'  is an attempt to explain the impossible, that may explain God. And connect the dots between Science and Spirituality. It scientifically explains the physical Universe, it's dynamic balance. And it talks about the Spiritual Universe and prophecies not yet imagined.  

This book took a lot of dedicated research and contains investigated reports that down the road, it may be useful as a reference book on psychic topics.  It is not intended for the timid or the faint of heart. It's a little spooky in places. It may even send shivers down your spine and make your hair stand on end!