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There are a lot of "Songwriter" websites out there that charge a big fee just enter one song in a competition, or to give you an evaluation or "Song Critique" that is often computer generated. And it seems they just want to make a lot of money! I don't know about you, but  I work much to hard on my music to  enter it in some kind of a lottery! Just remember This website is the REAL DEAL. Your Song or Videos can be added to our website Data base, where it can be heard by up-and-coming NEW Singers and Bands. And they will be the Judges! Sounds too good to be true right? But this is really for REAL! But there is one negative and that is, you may not make any money until your song becomes famous and of course, that may never happen. Yes "Never" really happens too sometimes! But if your song or songs are really good they will be heard by the right people and that could also include music producers and Promoters who might sometimes drop in to our website! Plus, any one song can have Multiple performers! You are never locked in to just ONE Artist or just one performer! Remember the Song Writer owns the copyright of the Song, not the performer, or this website!  Everything is explained in  our "songwriter's and our Performer's agreement." 

So What are you Waiting for...?

First you must have a GREAT Demo, I mean good musical content as well as acceptable audio quality. The main thing is content, if the sound quality is bad, then yes, we can make you a descent demo, but there is a commercial fee.  We are not in the business of making demos, but we can be competitive. We can also do a basic power point video for $300. Yes, backing tracks are needed too! and yes can make them for you, if you really insist. But, we must approve ALL MATERIAL before we can link it to our websites. And right now, there's NO charge for song writers to list with us, except our basic membership fee! But remember "Time is Money" and this opportunity wont last forever. But how remember no other website offers you this type of opportunity!  And most other songwriter websites charge a lot of money for each song you list with them! 


Download or request our songwriters agreement.

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